From designers to writers, account people to planners, we’ve got an award-winning team with a genuine passion for what they do and an all-hands-on-deck attitude to make sure it gets done.


Matt Ferebee

partner, director of creative strategy

I’m a writer, thinker, tinker, husband and dad who believes in the power of empathy, the beauty of language and the promise of thoughtful design. What gets me out of bed everyday is the chance to help brands feel a little more human—and humans feel a little more connected. 

Josh Lane

partner, director of account strategy

I believe in humility and competitiveness, relationships and perspective, and courage and sacrifice.  I have a deep desire for our team to achieve greatness without losing balance in life.  I believe that to be great you never stop learning and you surround yourself with the smartest people. Beyond work, I love to run, and if I have the time, the longer the distance the better.  But more than that, the most precious times are with my kids and my wife of nearly 20 years.

Katie Driggs

director of media

I love to surprise people—in the "I never would have thought that of her" sort of way. It’s a personal challenge. Give me a task you don't think I can handle, and I'll kill it. A college roommate didn't think I could eat an entire double quarter pounder meal with fries. No problem. Handling large, scaly reptiles? Easy—I once had a pet Ball Python. I love to be under-estimated. It makes the surprise that much better. So go ahead: just try and tell me it can't be done.


Kelsey Nelson

director of social influence

I like: running, my husband, my dog, the news, a good IPA, Ohio, traveling to places I’ve never been before, hanging out with my niece and nephews, Snapchat, Lebron James, snail mail, meeting new people, fiction, Ohio University, almost every Netflix original series, crime podcasts and black coffee. I don’t like: writing my own bio.

Leslie Hollis


I’m home grown: an Upstate native and Southern belle that uses “bless your heart” daily—at least twice. I love the beach, traveling (four countries in one year? Check.) and spending time with family and friends over good Southern food. 

Chris Bradley

associate creative director, motion

Pop. Culture Junkie.
A hopelessly curious
child who has grown old.

Christopher O. Bradley - 2017
Professional Motion Maker, Amateur Haikuist


Karen Gladstone

director of strategic planning

I love ping pong and soccer, NCAA basketball and Cleveland sports. I also love advertising. Doing whatever it takes for the client is in my DNA. Seriously. I once drove a U-Haul truck from Chicago to Montana to deliver materials for a client meeting. And I’d do it again—in a heartbeat. When I’m not on the road for work, I’m traveling the world with my husband. Oh, and avoiding any and all dance floors.

Jivan Davé

Associate creative director

I've come a long way since popped collars and street-racing in high school. But that need for speed and refined taste never left. Since then I’ve picked up a passion for branding and art direction, food photography, and a love for hip-hop only exceeded by a love for my family. 

Matt Gaymon

management supervisor

I love people and the amazing stories we each carry. And nothing energizes me more than understanding and connecting with those around me. From working with clients and creative teams, to managing the Yankees (not the New York version - my son’s t-ball team), every interaction has value. Outside of the office, I'm most likely kickin' it with my amazing wife and three hilarious kids and always on the pursuit of the greatest BBQ joint in the land.


Jan Leidlein

office manager

I’m a Michigan native who fell in love with Greenville and out of love with snow. Prior to Ferebee Lane, I owned a home and garden retail store and a landscape design company—you’ll still find me leaving notes in mailboxes offering ‘advice’ on curb appeal. I love spending time outdoors, at the beach, bicycling, barbecuing and being ‘Gigi’ to two wonderful granddaughters.

Brad Flaherty

associate creative director

I am a man-child that never put down the crayons. I make up jingles for companies that don’t need one (or even ask). I enjoy creating with people who love to create, and thrive on the passion of others to develop compelling stories (and make them look purdy. Yes, purdy). I don’t take myself seriously, but I take my work seriously and I have fun doing it.

Oh, and I love my wife, kids, dog, beer, bacon and donuts. In no particular order.

Lanford Swan

Account supervisor

Adventure-seeker. Night owl. Gamecock married to a Dawg. Concerts and travel are my life; reality television is my vice. Yes, Lanford really is my first name.


Hannah LaScola

account supervisor

I was born in Minnesota, grew up in Ohio and stayed briefly in Connecticut before making my way South. Might be why I love a good road trip. I’ve played kickball 13 seasons and counting and I’m pretty great at PowerPoint. Also, my birthday is on Halloween.

David Paxton

senior designer

I’m from Ohio. I’m a Cavs fan. I’m a Buckeyes fan. And I still believe the USA will win the World Cup in my lifetime. I like to collect vinyl, but I don’t drink coffee. And sometimes I design things.

Lauren Verdi

account supervisor

I’m happy when I’m doing things for other people. Perhaps that’s how I landed in this service-based industry. I thrive in communicating and connecting with others. I love being surrounded by creative and inspiring minds and am a firm believer in ‘iron sharpens iron.’ I’m also happy when I’m exploring. I’m an outdoor enthusiast, adventure advocate, and a hunter of the best, local food and drinks in town (camera in tow to capture it all)!


Natalie Monts

production manager

Driven, diversely-experienced creative guided by a personal belief in the old adages: good can always be better, less is more and you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Devoted to family, friends, dogs and Clemson Football. And lover of everything basic: Brunch, Starbucks, Beach, Yoga, Mean Girls, Snapchat Selfies, Beyoncé and #hashtags.

Hanah Ellsworth

media planner/buyer

I am a Pennsylvania native turned Greenville local, a crime show fanatic, dog lover, margarita connoisseur and Ohio State enthusiast. When out of the office, I am usually hanging out with my family or grabbing a bite to eat downtown. In the office, I enjoy supporting great creative with influential analytics.

Morgan Booker


At heart, I’m a bit of a mad scientist. There’s nothing more exciting than bringing the weird, wild and wondrous to sharpened strategy. It’s creative alchemy. When not at the office, you’ll probably find me on the trail, sleeves-up with a paintbrush or fermenting something strange (and hopefully delicious).


Isabel Posada

social influence manager

Small town girl with a glass half full mindset. Love kind humans, Gamecocks, collaboration, music and the little things. News junkie, storyteller and dog mom. My hobbies are breakfast, lunch and dinner. Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

Kenzie Wilton


I have a deep love for Thai food and an even deeper love for stories. I’m a firm believer that books are magic and that cheese covers a multitude of sins. Someday, I’d like to combine my love for the two and publish a coffee table book detailing the insides of celebrities’ refrigerators. Jury’s still out on whether or not that’ll sell, but all I’m saying is—there’s nothing more interesting than finding out what people eat. P.s. don’t steal my idea.

Kayla Cartee

account manager

Believe it or not, I survive on only water—no coffee. And I can’t live without a good sticky note to make my lists on. When I’m not indulging my love of crime shows and movies over buttery popcorn, I love traveling to new places (I’ve been to 9 different countries) and laughing with friends. There’s just nothing like that magical, deep-belly feeling of a really good laugh.


John Fahr

production technician

My passions have changed shape over time. I come to video production by way of audio production (by way of music performance [by way of boredom]). I enjoy adding skill sets to my repertoire, miles to my runs and cats to my household.

Shelby Argo

graphic designer

If I could eat chips and salsa for a living, I would. But since I’m no Guy Fierri, I found the next best thing: design. I love everything about it. The problem solving, the constant pressure to push the boundaries. When I’m not dreaming up something new and exciting to create, you can find me hanging out with my husband, chasing my cat around or trolling the aisles of target.